License Executive Interview Videos

License your executives’ media appearances to position your company as a business leader and industry authority.

By licensing and sharing your company’s interviews on the world’s most-trusted media outlets, such as Bloomberg, CNN, Fox, Sky, or the BBC, you’ll deliver your message directly to your target audience, ad-free


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Benefits of using licensed video content from Display Rights

  • Publishing your interview on your company intranet, website, and approved social media sites captures and preserves the value of your television appearance.

  • Publishing your interview online acts as a force-multiplier, magnifying the impact of the interview, extending its value across time, and delivering your message direct to your target audiences, ad free.

  • Publishing your interview online allows your target audiences to watch the interview whenever they want and wherever they happen to be.

  • Publishing your interview online means you can share them via email, social media, website or Intranet.

  • Publishing your interview online expands the reach of your brand and takes advantage of the prestige of having appeared on the best-known, most trusted, business news broadcasters.

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