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Licensing Editorial Video Content

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Licensing video content enables you to use the content in the ways you want.

Content producers (broadcast and digital media outlets) require the appropriate license be obtained before their content is used in any corporate or commercial setting. DisplayRights manages this process so that you don’t have to.

We work closely with content producers, ensuring that we exceed their standards for video quality and editorial content. Our media partners entrust us to provide the legal, approved video asset and license to enable their guests to leverage their media appearance quickly after it airs, maximizing its value and relevance.

By contrast, copyright infringement leads to legal challenges that can damage your personal or company reputation. It also puts company directors in breach of their fiduciary duties, leaving them personally liable.

Don’t risk your organisation’s reputation by distributing rights-managed content without permission. Legally acquire the right to share copyright video by securing a license through DisplayRights.

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Our Content Partners

Buy the license, Use the Content

Why use DisplayRights?

“Only thing I have to say is WOW. It is so great to work with such professional and speedy people! Thank you to you and your team”

RAE RHM, Sanlamom

To your investors, staff, customers, names like Bloomberg, the BBC, and Reuters are golden. News sources like these treasure their independence, employ the highest journalistic standards and, in consequence, are trusted by your key audiences. Display Rights has special dispensation from these trusted sources to licence their content and to deploy their logos on our online products. This means we are able to convey the value of their independence to your website.

If it is a good interview, it has value and you should use it. Display Rights gets your news out to your key audiences while it is still fresh, relevant and impactful.

We help you do this quickly, professionally and legally. With strong, proven relationships with the world’s most-watched, most respected broadcasters – who, in turn, trust EI to supply their guests with high-quality, licensed video to post online – we are the industry experts.

Re-packaging, reprinting, and licensing broadcast media content is what we do. Our customer service is second to none and, with operations across the globe, Executive Interviews can supply your business with video and licensing options from virtually any broadcaster, in any time zone, worldwide.

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Registration will soon be available for licensing content on DisplayRights.

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Executive Interviews is soon to become Display Rights.