TED Video Licensing

Licensing TED Video Content

TED is a global not-for-profit organisation that is devoted to spreading ideas. Covering a wide array of topics from Activism and Addiction to Happiness and Healthcare through to Work-Life Balance and our Youth, TED Talks deliver a powerful message which is accessible by all.

However, TED Talks need to be licensed for use in a commercial situation.  This isn’t limited to profit-generating activities, examples of commercial use include:

  • Employee learning and development
  • Within internal training materials
  • On your internal intranet system or your website
  • In a podcast

As a long-standing TED content partner, Display Rights can grant you a media license so that your organisation can legally use TED Talks.

Why license TED thought leadership and editorial content?

Licensing enables you to use content in the ways you want. Content producers (broadcast and digital media outlets) require the appropriate license be obtained before their content is used in any corporate or commercial setting. Display Rights manages this process so that you don’t have to.

One of the ways we do this is with our video management system, sign up, preview, and see what content is available.

How do I license TED video content?

Display Rights have developed long-standing relationships with TED and many of the world’s leading broadcasting agencies which means you can license your video with Display Rights and have your content streaming on your owned channels within the hour

TED - A Display Rights Video Licensing Content Partner

I would like to use licensed TED video content

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The benefits of using licensed content:


  • You will be copyright compliant
  • Content comes from trusted broadcasters and right holders
  • Trusted content enhances your organisation’s credibility
  • Using broadcast interviews raises the profile of key executives in your organisation and helps manage your business reputation
  • Using thought leadership videos helps spread knowledge throughout your organisation
  • Expert video content allows you to communicate compellingly with your target audience